A world-class online college providing education and vocational training to around 30,000 learners across the country, deliver their online learning service using Amazon Web Services (AWS) which hosts their production and development sites.

Dissatisfied with ongoing server issues and poor levels of customer service from their incumbent service provider, they approached Dudobi for assistance.


— Poor customer service and management from their incumbent service provider;
— Recurring downtime and service interruption which negatively affected productivity and their reputation; and
— Inconsistent and unpredictable billing which made accurate budgeting impossible.


Dudobi stepped in to help by performing a comprehensive server audit of the platform against configuration, security and best practice recommendations. We also undertook a cost analysis and audit of the AWS resources used monthly. We presented a comprehensive report to the client which detailed our recommendations and classified issues using a RAG dashboard to guide them in prioritising their remedial actions and approach.


Comprehensive 24/7 monitoring allowed us to proactively identify and help to resolve server issues, reducing the impact of downtime on critical business operations. We implemented the best-practice recommendations arising from the audit, including:

— Patching and updating all applications and packages regularly
— Installing improved security measures and firewalls
— Implementing an improved backup and retention schedule to better safeguard data.


Resource usage and steady cost growth is a common issue with ‘unmanaged’ AWS environments not closely monitored by knowledgeable IT engineers. The client’s monthly spend on AWS was reduced from over $2000 per month to less than $600.

"We saved up to 70% on our monthly AWS spend and significantly improved our uptime after switching to Dudobi"