Ice Blue Sky is a leading B2B marketing agency specialising in the Technology, Manufacturing and Professional Services sectors. As a fast-growing business, they relied upon key individuals to help manage servers and to provide internal technical advice, over and above their main roles and responsibilities.


As a steadily expanding company without a dedicated IT team, they started to experience bottlenecks which led to delays in resolving technical issues or dispensing technical advice. As their needs outpaced their internal resources and started to impact on their team productivity, Ice Blue Sky turned to Dudobi for help in providing:

— A source of technical input that could be dispensed in plain English to all parts of the business
— Strategic IT advice that could be accessed on an ad hoc basis
— Migration to a new, fully managed cloud platform with ongoing unlimited service and support


We first set out by building a new cloud platform for their servers and online applications which was super secure, scalable and dependable. Having migrated them across to this simplified technical setup allowed Ice Blue Sky to get back to what they do best: running their business and focusing on their clients.

We then put a responsive and personable consulting and support service in place which gave their technical team an unlimited resource to tap into. The plain-speaking approach of ours was a breath of fresh are for Ice Blue Sky and has resulted in us engaging with each other more than initially anticipated. Not only are we helping to solve technical problems, but we are now consulted on all aspects of IT and impart best practice guidance and input to their team.


Dudobi’s Co-managed Services increased the capacity and productivity of their team by absorbing routine responsibilities such as general technical advice and support, user queries and managing their online platform. We also resolved challenges they did not have the time or expertise to attend to internally such as optimising their server configuration to boost performance and improve security.

Our solutions and services are bespoke and scalable which has allowed our relationship with Ice Blue Sky to grow alongside their business with them looking to Dudobi for guidance on strategic decisions, best practice solutions and emerging trends or technologies that could benefit their business.

"Working with IT guys can be tricky, but I was blown away by how easy it was to work with Dudobi’s tech team and how simple the whole process was."

Jared Graham-Cummings | Creative Production Manager, Ice Blue Sky