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Seeking Sound Cloud Strategy?

Do you worry about the amount of capital expenditure, time, and resources that you’re spending on building a tech stack? Let Dudobi help you leverage the power of the cloud.

We’ll help you optimise your IT spend while accelerating the move of your business applications, infrastructure, and data to the cloud, to ensure a comprehensive business transformation.

Greater security and stability

Enhanced predictability

Money and
time saved


Strategic Business Alignment

Does finding impartial, reliable advice from an external supplier sound like a tall order? Has your current IT partner taken the time to fully understand your business and industry? When strategic intention is lacking, disjointed solutions often hinder growth.

At Dudobi, we believe relationships are paramount; technology is just a means to an end. We’ll work with you to make sense of – and leverage – the cloud. We’ll also help ensure that your IT strategy aligns with your broader business objectives.

In the end, your use of the cloud must advance your business strategy, not be another IT expense.

Building Security and Resilience
into Your Infrastructure

In a highly digital world where data value grows exponentially by the day, IT security is a critical risk for any company. Is your business endangered by insecure IT infrastructure? Are you fully GDPR, POPIA, or ISO 27001 compliant? If not, your organisation is vulnerable, and your data is at risk.

Having managed servers, networks, firewalls, and all manner of hosted applications successfully for decades, our highly experienced cloud engineers can configure systems for optimum security, without compromising on performance or uptime.

Delivering comprehensive backup and data recovery solutions – enhanced by personal and ongoing support – we effectively protect our clients’ most valuable digital assets and intellectual property.

With a long-standing ISO 27001 certification, everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to superior security and compliance.

Cloud Migration and Consolidation

If you’re battling escalating IT costs, needing greater agility, or wanting a more secure way to do business, it’s time to embrace the cloud.

Dudobi will help you move your business’s digital assets, data, workloads, IT resources and applications to a secure cloud infrastructure. Our thoughtful approach will ensure this shift reduces costs, improves security and empowers you to leverage new technologies.

When migrating to the cloud, one question is often considered a hot topic – physical servers or public cloud? Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? With effective cloud consolidation, we’ll help you determine when physical servers offer the best solution, and when public cloud is the right choice. With a unified system, clients maximise both performance and savings.

With co-managed IT, we’ll partner with you, acting as an extension of your team to deliver:

Increased capacity and productivity, plus cover should you experience staffing shortages

Comprehensive management and responsibility for all your cloud infrastructure

Continual monitoring of performance and uptime with reliable support around the clock

Security assurance from our highly experienced engineers

Overcoming Threats Together, with Secure Cloud Management

Are you plagued by threats and vulnerabilities, spending more time on balancing IT issues and security breaches than driving business development? As a business leader, this shouldn’t be your main focus.

Often working with your in-house team, Dudobi brings extensive experience and expertise, built over two decades, to ensure clients’ hosted cloud platforms perform optimally – whether on our own private cloud, or that of another provider. This integrated offering assures the security and uptime of your cloud services and sees us taking responsibility for agreed aspects of cloud computing.

Welcoming the Digital Workplace

Today, remote work capabilities and digital workplaces are essential. Can your organisation deliver the same quality of work at the same pace, regardless of whether it’s being carried out in a physical workspace? Can your business leaders effectively manage a distributed team, virtually?

To help clients keep pace with modern digital transformation demands, the team at Dudobi offers trusted cloud-based solutions and support. With a tactical approach, we’ll keep your teams enabled, productive and connected 24/7.

You can rely on our expertise and personal experience to help you make sense of innumerable cloud components, combining them to ensure maximum benefit.

The key is leveraging a cohesive cloud strategy which includes the right tools, such as:


Managed Microsoft 365


Hosted VoIP Telephony


Backup and Disaster Recovery


Dedicated Server Solutions


Servers Managed on Any Infrastructure


Trusted Internet Connectivity

Service Excellence with AWS, Azure or Dudobi’s Private Cloud

If you’re tired of poor service, lack of management, recurring downtime, constant service interruption, and inconsistent, unpredictable billing, it’s time to make a change in service provider.

With a proven human approach to IT, we’ll spend time understanding your business and getting to know your team, becoming an integral partner focused on helping your business to thrive.

Whether your cloud solutions are hosted on AWS, Azure or our own private cloud, we’ll work with you to design, deploy and manage exactly what you need. With decades of experience, we’ll step in to perform a comprehensive audit of your current environment. We’ll offer a targeted strategy, tailored to your business, which ensures your configuration and security meet or exceed best practices.

Dudobi is an AWS specialist
Dudobi is a Microsoft Azure specialist
Dudobi has its own private cloud