CIPA is the professional examining body for patent attorneys in the United Kingdom. CIPA turned to Dudobi in 2013 to assist their Head of IT with an internal project to rework and re-envisage their internal IT setup.


CIPA’s strategy and infrastructure had developed organically over time. They wanted to draw on external thinking and expertise to help rework their IT, to evaluate their technology challenges, and to take advantage of new opportunities to better meet their organisational goals. They were looking for:

— Strategic input from an experienced and trusted IT partner to help migrate key services to the cloud.
— A roadmap that could be implemented utilising internal staffing and skills.
— The ability to draw on a service and support team on an ad-hoc basis.
— A trusted relationship with a single supplier who can provide cost effective and scalable solutions to meet their evolving requirements.


We pride ourselves on our ability to gauge the level of input and assistance that is wanted and needed. In this instance, CIPA’s Head of IT had a clear vision of where the organisation was headed and wanted to draw on specific areas of expertise to help mould that vision. Dudobi’s strategic and operational input included:

— In-depth discussions with key staff to fully understand CIPA’s culture, challenges and work approach.
— Assistance with a comprehensive audit of all hardware and software assets.
— Evaluating and identifying appropriate products and solutions that would best support CIPA’s staff and changing working environment.
— Assistance with projects and implementation as required.


By late 2019, CIPA had migrated their key services to the cloud. This approach has better supported remote working and the flexible working patterns staff now enjoy. Their IT service is now more comprehensive; they deal with a single supplier who attends to all their IT-related issues and senior staff enjoy unfettered access to IT experts to provide board-level strategic advice.

Dudobi’s unlimited service and support offering has effectively increased their IT team’s capacity; and combined with their new cloud-based solutions, CIPA is able to be nimbler in responding to the new membership challenges that Covid has presented.

"Our partnership with Dudobi meant that we transitioned to remote working without missing a beat"

Bill Mische | Head of IT, The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys