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CyberCellar: AWS Migration


CyberCellar is a pioneering and innovative South African e-commerce liquor store, established in 1998 and supporting local wine producers.


They faced: 

  • Disastrous downtime during Black Friday which led to a severe shortfall in revenue;
  • Significant service interruption which meant users couldn’t browse or shop online; and
  • Limited options to scale or grow in their physical server hosting environment.


After evaluating CyberCellar’s unique needs, Dudobi developed a detailed plan and recommended a move away from physical hosting and onto Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This would allow us to:

  • Build in complete redundancy
  • Virtually eliminate downtime and bolster security
  • Improve monitoring and offer unprecedented support
  • Enable instant scalability for high-traffic events
  • Ensure constant and reliable stability


The CyberCellar team approached the next Black Friday knowing everything was ready. In the end, things exceeded expectations!

  • 145% increase in revenue
  • 100% uptime over Black Friday
  • Fastest page load times since site inception
  • Orders and new customers increased three-fold

"The excellent site performance empowered us to continue pushing specials and driving revenue in the days following Black Friday"