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Cloud Migration


The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA) is the professional membership organisation that shapes trade mark law and practice – both nationally and internationally.

When they decided to downsize their office space and move to a more flexible working environment, they turned to Dudobi as their trusted IT partner to help them find the best cloud solution for their organisation.


CITMA wanted to be less reliant on their physical in-house servers and to enable their people to work remotely when at home or on the move.  They required:

  • A secure, scalable and reliable setup which was cloud-based.
  • A remote working solution that prioritised file syncing and collaborative messaging.
  • A seamless transition with minimal disruption on business operations (and requiring minimal staff training).


We pride ourselves on careful planning and our aim was to make this change as painless and cost-effective as possible.

We analysed their existing hardware and infrastructure as well as the key IT services they relied upon in order to identify the most appropriate solution for their staff skillset and their mobile working requirements.


We recommended Dropbox as the ideal cloud storage solution. The transition from their on-site storage to Dropbox was seamless and completely successful – CITMA now had zero reliance on the hardware inside their offices. We expanded their use of Microsoft 365 beyond just email to incorporate powerful tools for productivity and collaboration. Coupled with Dudobi’s hosted telephony, this allowed CITMA’s team to truly work and collaborate remotely.

Their decision to migrate to the cloud was well-timed as within a month of project completion, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a lockdown which imposed movement restrictions.

As a result, businesses had to implement remote working strategies – something many were simply not prepared for. With their vision to enable their people to work from anywhere in the world, for CITMA it was business as usual.

"Dudobi’s invaluable advice, holistic approach and careful planning meant the whole migration went very smoothly. They put our organisation’s best interests first and their team was on-hand to assist and advise every step of the way."


Keven Bader

Chief Executive, The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys